Tenth Annual JAGS and Stan Workshop:
Bayesian Modeling for Cognitive Science

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Read here how our participants experienced the workshop.

"The workshop consisted of an excellent and well-balanced mixture of theoretical lectures and practical work. I very much liked the fact that the experts were available for questions in the practical sessions and that the participants could use the workshop to already work towards their own goals. The excellent organization and the nicely informal style of the workshop were great! I learned a lot during the workshop; both practically and theoretically, and feel confident to use the knowledge in my research. I also got answers to some of my very specific questions regarding a particular task and how to model it. I have used the gained skills for the past months and am currently implementing a model for our behavioral tasks. To improve the workshop I suggest having all practical examples available in both R and Matlab, but this is probably just a question of time. Other than that, there is nothing else I could have asked for. All the best for next year's Workshop!"

Researcher in cognitive and brain sciences

"I enjoyed the course and appreciated the high quality of the teaching. The large number of tutors was perfect! Nonetheless, I started with too complex models during the course, so I couldn't make the transition to my work straight after the workshop. For me, it would have been more helpful to start with simpler models (or to be forced to do so). Anyway, I'm using now BUGS for my research and it feels great!"

PhD-student in neurosciences

"I want to thank you for putting together such a nice workshop. It was stimulating to learn about Bayesian statistics, and I am eager to learn more in the coming years. The power and scope of Bayesian statistics was a revelation: it will take time to learn it adequately, but it will be worth it."

Assistant professor in developmental psychology